There’s an URBO to suit every moment, every mood & every body.

Our debut fragrance collection is designed to celebrate our diversity as people.

URBO is in tune with individual needs, emphasising the unique traits of every individual person. We believe in giving you the confidence to explore, to find new adventures and to follow your instincts, so you can become who you really want to be.

From music and art, to marches and moments of history, URBO is designed to fit the different rhythms of life, celebrating the urban outdoors.

Our Fragrances


URBO is a water-based body mist made with the highest-quality ingredients. Each scent is long lasting because of the increased fragrance concentrate combined with a higher water content, so you can feel fresh and confident all day, and night.

Each URBO promises at least 1200 sprays, so you can spray extravagantly and experience an UNFORGETTABLE fragrance journey.

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